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Welcome to the Nelson Wear Wholesale site, home of premium American Made brands including Tat2X, Skin Guards and iM Sports. Nelson Wear is dedicated to American manufacturing and that’s why our Ink Armor tattoo cover ups , Skin Guards forearm sleeves and our iM Sports compression sleeves are all proudly Made in the USA!

Tattoo Cover Up Sleeves

Ink Armor Tattoo Cover Sleeves by Tat2X are the premium brand worn by thousands of professionals every day! They block 98% of UV Rays, wick away sweat and come in a variety of sizes as well as colors to fit every need. The no-slip gripper keeps them firmly in place. Tat2X is our most popular brand and we will package your order in our Ink Armor Mylar bag with a hang hole and SKU on the back. If you desire other packaging please let us know in advance.

Protect Thinning Skin

Thinning or papery skin is common for millions of people.  It can be caused by medications, dietary supplements or be a natural part of the aging process.  Skin Guards by Nelson Wear are designed to help you cover up minor cuts and bruises.  They block 98% of harmful UV rays, can get wet without any issues and are proudly Made in the USA (sweat shop free). They are not thick and meant to be a breathable layer of protection against minor scrapes.

Sports Compression

We've been perfecting our iM Sports Compression & Sun Protection Sleeves since 2008. The result is one of the most comfortable, breathable and durable sports compression sleeves you'll ever wear. Our sleeves block 98% of UV rays, wick away moisture and the "no slip" elastic gripper keeps them firmly in place. Our built in gripper provides the majority of the compression. Each sleeve is stitched with AMERICAN MADE quality. 

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